Blueberry & Blackberry Herbal Tea from Teaman

Blueberry & Blackberry Herbal Tea from TeamanThis is a tea is a bagged Herbal Tisane and one can smell the sweetness of the mixture of berries right away. As this is an herbal tea, I am reminded that it is not tea at all but a mixture of herbs and in this instance the prevailing herbs and fruits are blueberry and blackberry.

I placed one tea bag in my mug and filled it with hot water and let steep for 2 minutes; but actually closer to 3 minutes. I love how I can smell the bouquet right away; it is very sweet smelling and the liquor is a golden red.

It is hot, so I am enjoying inhaling the aromas while slowly taking my first sip. I want to notice how it hits my palate, not the heat of it but the flavors, full and rich with the berries. I can’t discern the berries since I don’t consume berries in general. I am guessing blackberries are more prevalent with the blueberries in the background.

The note conjured is floral, and not that of spice but more of citrus. The tasting notes are sweet with a slightly bitter sweetness found in the berries. This herbal tea’s liquor does make me think of drinking a wine cooler. I am enjoying this herbal tea immensely.

I am very familiar with the Teaman’s Hand Blended Teas and this is one of his best. It has been a while since I have purchased from him; his prices are amazingly cheap and the quality surpasses many teas I have sampled; and this time I can say there is no staleness found in this tea.

I accused him of this with other purchases. I called it “staleness” since the flavors did not linger or to say in tea lexicon “did not aerate on the palate” but this herbal did so and much more. I did notice that the individual tea bags seems lighter than previous ones and perhaps since this is herbal tea, Teaman is forced to use different tea bags depending on tea’s type.

Overall tasting notes observed:

Herbal tea color: Red

Characteristics: flowery aroma with a sweet, floral liquor.

Teaman describes this tea as:

The wonderful aromas and sweet tastes will excite your senses. You will absolutely love them! This tea is natural and will stay fresh for up to two years, ideal for even the casual drinker. Also a great gift idea!

This tea would do exceptionally well as iced tea. Reminds me of the Frozen Berry Rooibos I have enjoyed in recent past from Tea Luxe. However, I will continue to enjoy this tea hot and try to see what else I can discern of it. Thank you Teaman, this is very good tea indeed.

My history with this herbalist known as Teaman is that I have sampled many of his teas: Sencha Green Tea, Vanilla Chai Tea, Gourmet Oolong Tea, Raspberry and Peach teas, all of which were custom blended by hand and placed into teabags. Then the teabags are hand packed fresh into a tin or plastic bag and still retain their fresh flavor.

All of Teaman’s herbal teas have been wonderful but none as good as this Blueberry/Blackberry Herbal making for a good cup of warmth. Yum!

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I am not big into fruit based teas, but your description makes me want to try one! Thank you.

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