Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish from 52Teas

Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish from 52TeasOK… I have to say this:  52Teas is getting a little out of control.  Frank (Chief Executive Zoomdweebie) needs to stop.  My pocketbook can’t handle all the goodness that he creates every week!

This is another tea that sounded too good to pass up.  I mean, seriously.  Does it sound amazing or what?  Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish.  YUM!

The Black Tea base is strong here, and the addition of the Assam tea is a really smart choice – not only because it gives the base a heartier presence but also because the malty note enhances the “danish” aspects of this blend.

The blueberry flavor is delicious.  It tastes a little sweeter than a fresh blueberry.  It tastes more like a blueberry pie filling … which is appropriate because that is what would be in a blueberry danish, right?  Yummy, gooey, sticky blueberry filling!  The cream cheese flavor is a little softer than the blueberry flavor, but the tangy, creamy flavor of the cream cheese does present itself well here and is a very irresistibly good taste.

The danish flavor – if there is indeed a ‘pastry’ flavoring added – is a bit more elusive in this blend.  I can taste a very vague hint of a buttery, almost pastry-like note to this, but whether that is part of the bake-y quality of the Assam tea, or if it is, in fact, flavoring, I don’t know.  But the fact remains that I do taste a faint buttery note, and it ties in well with the overall profile of this tea.

52Teas describes this tea as

Here’s our premium Indian black teas (a little extra Assam in this blend since I envisioned it as a breakfast tea) blended with GREAT BIG, whole freeze-dried blueberries and natural flavors. I have a feeling this is going to be a VERY popular blend. Enjoy!

Having tried many (and I mean MANY) teas offered by 52Teas – I can tell you that Frank really outdid himself with this blend.  It amazes me at just how much this tastes like a blueberry danish in my teacup.  Of the numerous cream cheese/cheesecake offerings that I’ve tasted from 52Teas/52Teas, I can also attest that this is one of his best with the cream cheese flavoring – which can sometimes be quite elusive.

I prefer this tea hot, although it’s not bad as an iced tea, it just somehow works better for me as a hot tea.  Maybe its the allure of the fresh warm danish or something!  It is a sweet tea on its own, so be careful if you choose to add sweetener – I don’t really think it needs it!  A little milk or cream is nice here though, and brings out the creamy notes of the cream cheese just a little bit more… although it is nice and creamy without the dairy too.

Unfortunately, at the present time this tea is sold out.  If you really want to try it, you should tweet Frank and let him know that you want him to reblend it!  Trust me, this tea is worth that little extra effort!


Miss Ash

Oh that sounds delish!!
What are the ingredients?? Any indication of what those “natural flavors” might be?


While I don’t know exactly what Frank put into this blend, as a former “tea artist” I can state that usually when you see “natural flavors” when it comes to teas, it means flavored oils. The flavored oils, in most cases, are what actually flavors the tea… much more so than the additives (in the case with this particular tea, additives would refer to the freeze dried blueberries)… the additives such as fruit generally are there just for aesthetic purposes but really do very little to flavor the actual cup.

The exception to this are herbs and spices, which not only lend an aesthetic value to the tea but also flavor it.

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