Blueberry Green Tea from Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's Blueberry Green TeaEver since my favorite blueberry flavored tea was discontinued I have been on the lookout for a good replacement. I was very excited to find Trader Joe’s Blueberry Green Tea, because I have always been a fan of their teas. This tea not only has blueberry flavoring, but also dried blueberry pieces.

Trader Joe’s describes this tea as:

We’ve paired the ever-popular green tea with blueberries, another antioxidant powerhouse. The sweetness of blueberries and the grassy green tea taste produce a well rounded brew.

This is definitely a green tea, which I should have guessed when I read the description that said it had a “grassy” flavor. Grassy is usually not a good thing for me. But the tea tastes just like a green tea, with a very subtle blueberry undertone. The blueberry taste is really only hinted at, but it adds a nice sweetness to the green tea. The green tea is quite earthy tasting, in a good way, and isn’t too bitter or overpowering. I was really looking for a good blueberry tea, and this doesn’t fit the bill, but taken as a green tea, it is actually quite nice.



I agree with you on TJ’s great blueberry green tea – but was told by them this past week it too was discontinued. Do you have another suggestion perhaps? – J


Confirmed. I checked with TJ’s corporate office – the TJ Blueberry Green Tea has been discontinued and I haven’t been able to find any in the four stores in my area that still has a supply. The hunt continues…

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