Bolivian Black Tea from Praise Tea

Bolivian Black Tea from Praise TeaI have only tried fewer than a handful of Bolivian Black Teas, but, the few that I have tried have turned me into a Bolivian black tea fan!  I absolutely adore them!

The flavor of this organic Bolivian black tea is rich and smooth, with sweet and savory qualities to it that make my palate so happy that it brings a smile to my face when I sip it.

The leaves are large and twisted, with a deep, matte color to them that is somewhere between dark, chocolate brown and black.  They brew an extraordinarily dark colored liquid that is pleasantly fragrant with notes of cocoa and earth.

The flavor is so smooth and brisk.  I like the word that Praise Tea uses to describe this tea:  robusto!  Yes, it certainly IS robust, with enough gusto to get one revved up and going for the day.  Who needs energy drinks pumped full of artificial flavorings and sugar when you can have something as delicious and sugar-free as this?  This tea is sure to energize and revive!

This tea also has such an appealing complexity to it.  So many layers of flavor!  There is a deep, rich flavor of cocoa that is not so much sweet as it is savory.  There is also a somewhat earthy quality to this tea, and a subtle hint of spice.  But what is most appealing to me (and my sweet tooth) is the sweet, underlying tone of caramel to this tea.  It arrives at the palate almost instantly upon taking a sip, and lingers well into the aftertaste.  So nice!

Praise Tea describes this tea as

Robusto! Good looks, impeccable taste, enduring aroma & a style all its own. Be amongst the first to try this fine organic Bolivian offering. Hailing from pristine family owned gardens on the high slopes of the Yungas just hours north of La Paz, where the Andes meet the Amazon basin, this tea is certain to gather momentum & garner fans far & wide. The proof is in the sipping. Delectable both hot and cold. Try some with brown crystal sugar and indulge your taste buds.

I’ve tried several teas from Praise Tea now, and I’ve enjoyed each and every one of them, but this just may be my favorite!  So smooth, rich and delicious!  This tea is definitely deserving of praise!

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