Brandon’s Snickerdoodle from 52Teas

Brandon's Snickerdoodle from 52TeasThis tea isn’t quite what I expected.  With a name like “Snickerdoodle” I really expected a bit of a cookie-ish taste to it.  However, that was a bit unrealistic of me to expect, because the description from 52Teas (you can read it below), doesn’t even suggest a cookie or pastry flavor in this tea.

Tossing my unrealistic expectations aside, one thing I did [realistically] expect is that this would be a tasty tea.  And it is!

The Black Tea base is robust and invigorating.  It has a drying astringency to it which is somewhat counterbalanced by the flavors, leaving a light vanilla/cinnamon note on the palate that is rather delightful.

The combination of cinnamon and vanilla is one that I enjoy quite a bit, I like the way the two balance each other – kind of like yin and yang – the cinnamon is warm but not spicy, and the sweet vanilla softens it just enough to create a very enjoyable experience for the taste buds.

I really like this tea.  My only complaint – or perhaps, improvement – that I would make to this tea is to add a little bit of Assam tea.  I think that this would give it the bake-y kind of taste that I am wanting from my cup.  Other than that (and even without the addition of Assam) this blend is quite delicious!

52Teas describes this blend as

Brandon is one of our most loyal customers at our brick and mortar shop, Zoomdweebie’s Tea Bar. If there has been a week over the past two or three years since he first discovered us that Brandon has not stopped in, I certainly can’t remember it. He is always there, enjoying our teas and sharing his quirky sense of humor with everyone around him.

Brandon kind of reminds me of a snickerdoodle–a bit spicy and tough on the outside, but warm and inviting once you get to know him.

Brandon likes to make some of his own concoctions at Zoomdweebie’s, asking me to brew him up a little of this with a little of that (or to brew the hot tea into a mug full of gummy bears as I recall…) One of his recent favorites is to blend vanilla and cinnamon teas which he has been hounding me about blending together and naming it “Brandon’s Blend”.

Here then, Brandon, is your fifteen minutes of fame.

The first batch of this blend quickly sold out, but 52Teas decided to extend Brandon’s “fifteen minutes of fame” and reblend it.  Sadly, Brandon was retired when the second batch sold out. Who knows, maybe Brandon is destined for rock-stardom and will come out of retirement again!  Let’s hope so!

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