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I received today some special samples from LuLin. This is the first time I have sampled any of their blends but after looking their website and some of their previous reviews I must say I am very exited.

Here we have what LuLin have named one of their everyday teas- Breakfast Blend No.1 or English Breakfast Black Tea.

I am a big lover of breakfast blend type teas as I find them very refreshing yet flavoursome.

I pop my kettle on to boil. LuLin state “to blend you add 3g to a tea pot and steep with boiling water. Infuse for 3-5 minutes according to taste”. Just to also point out this tea can be re-steeped.

I will follow their instructions on brewing so here goes.

I prepare my tea pot and flick my kettle on to boil.

While I wait I take a look at LuLin Teas website and look under the section with the information about this tea.

Here is what I find.

LuLin state “This blend is made from an Assam TGFOP, a Sri Lankan Dimbula and LuLin Teas Single Estate Keemun black tea. We tried a few different breakfast blends before we decided on this one. It is the first Breakfast Black tea that we have had created and is an instant favourite with all who try it. A real shelf staple, this black tea is malty, strong, not too perfumed and goes great with milk for your morning brew or as an afternoon pick me up. Only available in refill pouches at this time”.

I pour my boiled water into my tea pot and instantly see the liquor turn a very deep brown colour.

At  this point the tea smells lovely, a real malty aroma whilst also giving off a refreshing edge.

The tea is now ready, I decided to leave it brewing for the full 5 minutes as I really want to appreciate the full flavour. On this occasion I am taking this tea without milk or sugar (I must admit I have never been a fan of sugar in tea).

I take a sip and I am instantly joyed with the full-bodied malty, refreshing flavour. This tea reminds me of my first cup of English Tea which was very flavour some.

If you are looking for a suitable everyday tea then this certainly is worth a try, like I said its light, malty, refreshing and a tad smokey.

LuLin describe this tea as-

 Our unique Breakfast Tea that has been blended to LuLin Teas high standards. It has the characteristic strong taste from a breakfast tea that is not too overwhelming and tastes great with milk.

Overall I would say this tea is a perfect everyday blend whilst also being suitable for a special occasion as the tea is light and full of flavour. Thank you LuLin!


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Breakfast Blend No.1 from LU LIN: I received today some special samples from LU LIN. This is the first time I ha…


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