Breakfast in Bed from Liber-TEAs

Breakfast in Bed Black Tea Blend

A very feminine brew, with a strong base of very lovely black teas – adding a dash of milk (or soy milk) makes this a creamy delight, especially while winding down at the end of the day.

A very aromatic and smooth blend, but somewhat on the subtle side. I believe they could have went just a little spicier, maybe a bit more cinnamon, or perhaps an addition of allspice or nutmeg to pack a more punch, as while this one has a sugary-sweet aroma and flavor, the flavors themselves are so delicate that you find them a bit haunting.

Liber-TEAS describes this tea as:

The newest tea sensation from LiberTEAS! An exclusive blend of Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese Black Teas, scented with fragrant roses, Flavored with a touch of cinnamon and softened with creamy vanilla. This tea is for those who truly enjoy their tea!

You can certainly taste the roses, which are the highlight of this brew, lending a soft sweet floral to the taste and scent.  Comes in a square purple tin (as shown in photo – scoop and sheet music not included (but very good use of photo props!! 😀 ), very cute packaging – which I mentioned in my last review that could use a bit of improvement on the visual appeal of their labels on the tin  –  that you can purchase “refills” for in future.  This is one of those teas I take with me to the bubble bath – very relaxing!

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Hello! Thanks for the great review on my Breakfast in Bed tea. I’m glad that you enjoyed it.

Just to comment briefly on the desire for more of a spice punch to the tea, when I created this tea, I did so based upon the request of a dear friend and long-time customer of mine, who said she’d like a Rose tea that had a touch of vanilla to it, just enough to curb the sharpness of the rose flavor, and perhaps just a touch of cinnamon. The result was this tea.

Thanks again!

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