Breville One Touch Teamaker

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Breville One Touch Teamaker

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The Breville One Touch is a MUST HAVE for any avid tea drinker.  The cost is pricey (around $250), but it is well worth it.  The Teamaker has settings for each type of tea such as black, white, green, etc.  There is a button for “custom” for those very specific palettes.  I use several things to steep my tea, but this Teamaker gets used every day.  My morning routine is to steep 24 oz of tea and fill my Teavana Tumblers to bring to work with me.  The tea stays hot all day.

The only thing I dislike about the teamaker is that the smallest amount of tea that can be steeped is approx 20 oz.  This was initially a concern for me since I like to drink a different tea in each cup, but I adjusted.  If Breville ever came up with a one cup version – I would NEED that one too!  Sometimes a girl just doesn’t want to commit to 3 cups of the same tea in a row.  You can put the leftover tea in the fridge for an iced tea treat at a later time.

Cleaning is a bit of a challenge.  The teapot is also the heating device so you cannot submerge it in water.  I rinse it and clean the basket before each use and once a week I use some warm soapy water in the pot to give it a good washing.  You need to be very careful not to get the underside wet!  The time that I did, it would not turn on and I thought it was broken.  It dried out and now is working perfectly again.

This is what Breville has to say:

The new Breville Tea Maker is a revolutionary tea experience. The fully automated tea basket moves down, then up, gently agitating the leaves to precisely infuse your tea. Push the basket button and watch the basket cycle in and out of immersion. Seeing is believing.

Different tea varietals such as Black, Green, White, and Oolong require exact water temperatures and controlled brew times to allow their unique flavors and aromas to develop during brewing. The Tea Maker eliminates the guesswork so you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea, every time.

Fully programmable for all types of tea, water temperatures, and steep times. The moving tea basket allows water to circulate freely around the individual tea leaves for maximum infusion. Set the timer and wake up to the aroma of your favorite brew. The German-made Schott glass kettle is durable and stain resistant.

Relaxation – from start to finish.

This is definitely the closest thing to a coffee maker for tea drinkers that you will find.  You measure the leaves and sweetener (if desired), select the type of tea, decide whether you would like weak, medium, strong or custom and VOILA – in minutes you have a perfect cup of tea every time.  The teamaker drops the tea basked via a magnetic mechanism, steeps and raises the basket when it’s done.   No more oversteeping or burning your leaves.  You can even set the timer so your tea is ready when you wake up in the morning.

You will not regret your purchase if you decide to take the plunge!



This looks really high tech! But for me, the best is a gaiwan with a thermos of hot water. Heat the water to desired temperature, add water to thermos, add tea leaves to gaiwan, add hot water from thermos to gaiwan, steep till desired flavor is achieved. The advantages of the gaiwan is that they are cheap (5-10USD) and allow you to brew tea in many small bursts (multiple steeps) really quickly, as you usually use a higher tea:water ratio. My first cup is usually ready for drinking within 30 seconds of heating the water.


Thank you for the review! I have been curious about this machine!


I absolutely love my Breville One-Touch. In my kitchen, it is the most used appliance, second only to the refrigerator which claims top spot only because it is running 24/7 but when considering how often its accessed, I am operating the Breville more often than I’m opening the doors to the fridge. Seriously, I don’t think I could live without it now that I’ve had it for almost a year.

@Dan: I love my gaiwan too. I use it whenever I am steeping Oolong, yellow or Pu-erh teas (and some white teas too), but, even then, I use the breville to heat the water as it serves as a variable temp kettle as well as a tea maker.

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