Buckingham Palace Garden by English Tea Store

buckingham-palace-garden-partyFrom the first look at this tea you will be impressed. I certainly was. The beautiful colors in the dried fresh loose leaf tea are a sight. As I open a fresh bag of tea I always want to smell it and see how awarding it is to my senses. I had a big smile on my face after I sniffed this one. The aromatics are super. So far this tea has two bonuses – beauty and aroma.

I did notice they do not have a recommended infusing time on their bag.  So, I went with three and a half minutes for my first infusion. The taste is delightful. You can pick up the subtle floral taste and the Black Tea is very good. I believe they did a fine job blending this. The best reward of all is this wonderful selection invigorates all of your senses at once.

The English Tea Store describes this tea as:

“Every May the Queen holds a garden party at Buckingham Palace, a lovely English springtime tradition. The tea that is served is long time favorite and delicious Palace medley specially selected for this occasion.

Intriguing hints of high-grown pure Ceylon Earl Grey blend effortlessly with the soft jasmine from Fujian Province. Couple this with malty Assam (from the estate of Borengajuli) flavory Dimbula Ceylon (from Hatton), brisk and golden cup East of Rift Kenya (from Kambaa and Kagwe) and you have one of the most flavorful teas to come from the British Isles.

Each cup is a cup of mystery – the flavors all come to the fore at separate times – one minute you taste the Earl Grey, the next second you can almost feel the soft floral notes of jasmine and finally you get the satisfying fullness of the Assam Ceylon and Kenya blend. Enjoy this tea and be a part of the annual tradition in the west gardens of Buckingham Palace, without having to dress up!”

In closing I would recommend giving the Buckingham Palace Garden Party Loose Leaf Tea, found in their loose leaf tea section under British favorites, a try. I believe you will enjoy it just as much as I did. My only disappointment was not finding the recommended time for brewing or infusion. Just to share with you now I have had four cups infused now and the flavor is still rewarding to me. Take your time to enjoy this one!

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Hilda Barrett

Is there a tea named Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee and if so were can i purchase it from

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