Butterfly Tea from Design A Tea

Butterfly Tea

Butterfly Tea

WOW! I absolutely love this Herbal Tisane which is one of Design A Tea‘s Signature Blends!  I was initially skeptical about this tea when I saw that it’s ingredients were {en:Chamomile}, {en:Lavender} and a cherry flavored {en:Rooibos}.  I’m not particularly enthusiastic about Rooibos, and I thought that it would clash with the herbs….boy was I wrong!   If anything, the Rooibos enhances the flavor of the otherwise oft-imitated blend of lavender & chamomile and turns it into something special.

Design A Tea describes this tea as:

A great bed time or “relaxing time” blend of herbal tea. Filled with the benefits of {en:Chamomile} and {en:Lavender} as well as that great tea {en:Rooibos}. Which we added for its antioxidant spin, not to mention the added red color it adds to the brew. Enjoy – but be prepared to be VERY relaxed and have a strong desire to cuddle after drinking it. 🙂

Simply put, this is one I’m going to want to buy more of.  It’s a very feminine, floral tea, but truly lovely to sip…and what an aroma!!!  A tea fit for a queen! This tea is caffeine free!

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WOW that does sound really good

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