Cacao Chai from Zhi Tea

Cacao Chai from Zhi TeaThis is one delicious chai!  As a a chocolate lover, I really appreciate the hard work Zhi Tea put into blending this gorgeous chocolaty blend of sugar and spice, and everything nice!

Cacao, the unprocessed fruit of the Cacao tree is what is used to produce cocoa.  The Cacao nibs in this chai blend are absolutely gorgeous, and make the tea so delicious.  The chai spices are also of the highest quality, and they stand up stout and strong even with the addition of milk to your cup.

Zhi Tea describes this tea as:

Our Zhi Signature Blend Organic Cacao Chai has been lovingly hand-crafted to satisfy the most discerning chai aficionados and dark chocolate lovers. Similar in composition to our lovely Masala Chai, but with more pure vanilla and an abundance of organic Peruvian cacao nibs. This Chai loves whole organic milk and {en:turbinado} sugar! We created this blend due to overwhelming demand – at home! Join us in a steaming cup of this sumptuous delight.

USDA Organic and Fair Trade. Ingredients: Assam Black Tea, {en:Cinnamon}, {en:Ginger}, {en:Cardamom}, {en:Cacao} Nibs, {en:Safflower}, Vanilla

I had not heard of turbinado sugar before seeing it in this description.  But after reading the wikipedia page on it, I will definitely have to try some of that with this tea as it sounds like the perfect complimentary sugar to this lovely Chai Tea.  A very well-rounded chai tea with a special chocolate touch that makes it delicious especially in the evening, or when it’s cold outside.

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I love dark chocolate so I can’t wait to try this one. Chocolate in it’s pure form!

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