Calming Tea from Vitalife

Calming Tea from VitalifeHere again I am presented with another one of Vitalife’s teas and again I am very pleased with the look of this product.

The simplicity of the packaging draws me in along with the health benefits that all of the Vitalife range seem to offer. “Teas with purpose” what a great idea!

This tea is a caffeine-free calming infusion which contains Chamomile, Lime flower and L-Glycine (a natural amino acid) which has been proven to be an effective sleep aid.

When I open the canister and pop open the sealed foil pack a sweet yet not sickly aroma fills my nose and makes me feel comforted and relaxed.

I then take my just off the boil water and place a teabag in a cup and pour the hot water over the bag to prepare the tea for steeping.

Whilst the tea is steeping I find myself wanting to keep smelling the tea as the aroma seems clear and fresh and I feel I cant wait to try it after all the other positives I hear about this fun and health-driven tea brand.

Here goes… now the tea is ready to drink I take a sip and am delighted by the taste being exactly how the tea smelt prior to brewing- (again another full taste,full flavour tea from Vitalife).

On trying the tea I am getting a very subtle Lime flower flavour (not too much that it is is too sickly) then the lovely fresh taste of Chamomile comes through making me feel refreshed yet relaxed.

I would suspect that this tea would be perfect as an iced tea in the summer months but as it stands now I personally want to feel a warm cuppa between my hands before I retire to bed to help promote a restful sleep.

Another plus for this tea is that along with the benefits of aiding restful sleep the ingredients are also said to help with any stomach discomfort as the ingredients are known to help the stomach muscles relax. Also a good friend of mine swears by brewing the teabags then popping them in the fridge and using as a compress for the eyes as a relaxing treat whilst soaking in a hot bubbly bath!

Vitalife describes this tea as-

Lay back, put your feet up, and take a sip. This calming blend will help you drift away and wind-down after a hectic day at the office. An ideal bedtime Drink To help you sleep.

Overall I would say this tea is outstanding on taste and is versatile for a whole host of things… another great tea from the Vitalife brand.


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Calming Tea from Vitalife: Here again I am presented with another one of Vitalife’s teas and again I am very ple…

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