Caramel Rooibos from Cha Cha Tea

Caramel Rooibos from Cha Cha TeaWhat is most notable about this red Rooibos blend is the somewhat sweet, somewhat smoky flavor of the caramel.  While there are big square chunks of caramel amidst the leaves, the flavoring agent is what makes this stand out amongst other similar tisanes.

While the flavor has a strong red rooibos sweetness to it, the caramel is where it really shines, leaving you licking your lips and wanting more.

Cha Cha Tea describes this tea as:

Delicious, creamy sweet caramel flavor. A favorite of the coffee convert crowd. Excellent hot or iced.

I can see why a coffee person would be attracted to this blend: it’s very rich and coppery tasting, especially using rooibos as its base.  However, most people acquainted with rooibos blends will note that the rooibos is of good quality and balances out the flavors perfectly.

This tea is naturally sweet and therefore can be enjoyed plain without any added sweetener, although people like myself with a sweet tooth may also wish to add sweetener anyway!  Milk would also be a nice addition to this brew, but be careful – too much milk will easily overwhelm the more delicate flavors here.  Any way you serve it, this is a perfect afternoon, evening, or dessert tea!

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Heather from Hot Canada Deals

Oh my gosh this sounds delightfully yummy!! I love caramel, and this is honestly on my ‘next teas to try’ list high up there!!

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