Caramelized Pear from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

Caramelized Pear from Zhena's Gypsy TeaThe aroma of this tea is fantastic – it smells just like baked pears with warm caramel sauce.  All I need now is a scoop of French Vanilla ice cream!

The elegant tea sachets allow you to peak inside at the tea, which reveals beautiful, long spears of Green Tea, large chunks of fruit and marigold blossoms.  The tea brews to a lovely pale caramel color that matches the scent!

But this tea doesn’t stop there – it’s a true treat for the senses!  The green tea tastes fresh and is light-bodied, with a sharp vegetative tone that (fortunately) does not overwhelm the other flavors in the cup, but instead pleasantly contrasts with them.

The pear flavor is gentle (a bit more gentle than the aroma), and the caramel flavor is rich and satisfying – making this a very delightful dessert tea.  A small amount of sweetener is needed – in my opinion, of course – to help bring out some of the more delicate flavors in the blend, particularly that of the pear.

Zhena’s Gypsy Tea describes this green tea blend as:

Finest quality green tea leaves blended with caramel and pear.

Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Biodynamic Green Tea, Organic Pear Pieces, Organic Marigold Flowers, Organic Caramel Flavor, Organic Pear Flavor.

I have rarely come across a tea from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea that I didn’t like, and this one is no exception.  It is delicious served hot, but I think that the flavors mute a bit too much as it cools, making it a tea that is probably best served hot, and not iced.

This tea possesses very little astringency.  The finish is sweet and the pear flavors really come through in the aftertaste.  The caramel is also present in the aftertaste.  If you like baked pears – you’ve really got to try this tea!

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