Cardamon Cinnamon from Republic of Tea

[Cardamon Cinnamon from Republic of Tea]Yes, it is sort of cutesy that they have called this cardaMON to go with cinnaMON, instead of just using the name of the spice, cardamoM. But, cardamom is quite possibly my favorite spice in the whole world, so I am willing to forgive a bit of cutesiness.

What we get here is a nice blend of chai spices with a bit extra – a bit of carob and chicory are added, along with the usual chai spices. There are no tea leaves, not even Rooibos or other herbal “tea” bases – just spices! Which means that it’s caffeine-free, and that you can taste every bit of the spice without any distractions from, say, the slightly spicy flavor that red rooibos has.

The tea doesn’t have much body, but it’s warming nonetheless. The brew is fairly pale in color, but gets a little darker if you steep it longer – and since it’s purely herbal, you can steep it longer, without any worries about bitterness, too much caffeine, and so on.

Because this is in paper tea bags – round, tagless – it’s easy to brew – and also easy to use a bag as additional flavoring by adding a bag of this to a pot of otherwise plain Black Tea, or to the milk one is heating for hot cocoa, or to other things that are being steeped. It’s also easy to use this brewed up instead of plain water if you are making scones from a mix that calls for adding water – it adds a subtle but definite depth to the taste of the scones! Try a bag in your water for rice, as well – instant flavored rice to serve with your ethnic recipes!

Republic of Tea says about this tea:

Warm the Heart Herb Tea – Native to the shadier regions of India & Ceylon, cardamom has a gentle, airy taste of the forest itself – reminiscent of ginger with a pinch of pine. Cinnamon brings a spicy depth. Also, great over ice!


Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, carob, chicory, black pepper, Chinese star anise, cloves and cassia oil

Sometimes Republic of Tea thinks a little highly of themselves. But their nice canisters keep the tea fresher than a box does, and there are 36 bags to the canister, rather than the 18-20 in most boxes of supermarket brands – AND, of course, there’s second steepings to reduce the cost per cup. Use slightly less than boiling water, rather than boiling, and you can still get flavor out of a second steeping. Alternatively, use this to make a 12-16 ounce mug of tea, rather than a six-ounce cup; just let it steep longer!


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