Caribbean Calypso Mate from Teavana

Caribbean Calypso Mate from TeavanaCaribbean Calypso Mate is a pleasing blend of tropical flavors such as coconut and pineapple.  The dried tea looks more like a trail mix than a tea!  The pieces of coconut and mango are so large that it is tempting to eat it right from the tin.  I steeped this tea in my teamaker using 208 degree water for 6 minutes.  I added 1 tsp of German Rock Sugar to each 8 oz of water.

The steeped tea is a soft yellow color and it smells delicious.  The taste reminds me more of an herbal than a maté, since the tropical flavors are so prominent in the tea.  This tea makes a great iced tea!

Teavana describes this tea as:

Steel pan drums come to a pina colada crescendo on this island paradise of fruit and mate. The Caribbean’s flair is captured with juicy sweet mango, pineapple and red delicious apples added to toasted coconut and zesty lemongrass. Refreshing and delicious served hot or chilling over cubes of cold ice. SUPERFRUIT ENHANCED CONTAINS NUTS.

Light and zesty mango, pineapple, and toasted coconut.  Ingredients: {en:Lemongrass}, coconut chips, candied mango pieces (mango, sugar), candied pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar), apple pieces, green yerba maté, ginger slices, bamboo leaves, flavoring (pineapple, banana), apple slices, lemon myrtle, orange juice bits.

Initially, I bought this tea for that morning kick that a good maté provides, but it is a little too sweet for the morning.  I enjoy it more in the afternoon.  It is such a sweet blend that it will satisfy a craving for something sweet!

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I work at Teavana and just tried this one. It is really tasty and refreshing. I’ve only had it iced and it goes down very easily! Yum.

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