Cashmere – Kashmiri Green Chai from Tea Noir

Cashmere Kashmiri Green Chai

Cashmere Kashmiri Green Chai

As close to perfect as a tea can get.  Really, this one rocked my socks – a really unique and absolutely delicious tea.   The aroma is simply to die for, with a very strong Green Tea scent, and the strong aroma of almonds and spices… it really makes an impact on you before you even taste it!

Tea Noir describes this tea as:

Combining the health benefits of green tea with the spicy goodness of masala {en:chai}, Cashmere is a great tea to enjoy any time.

Tea Noir’s {en:Kashmir|Kashmiri} {en:chai} combines {en:Gunpowder_green_tea|gunpowder green tea}, with its subtle smokiness, with traditional spices to create a deliciously fragrant brew. {en:Fennel} seeds, {en:cardamom}, and a hefty dose of toasted almonds make this a tea to remember.

Cashmere brews up a beautiful deep honey gold and has an intense almond-y scent with a backbite of cardamom. It’s great hot or cold, with cream or without, sweetened or not.

Now, this tea reviewer loves a good {en:chai}, and this folks, is one AWESOME chai.  Fantastic for green tea lovers – I can’t emphasize how sweet, green, and spicy it is!  Absolutely lovely with milk, soy milk, or other alternative dairy product of your choice.  Honey makes it spectacular, although it is lovely without sweetener also.   This is a must-have tea!

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