Ceremonial Matcha from Aiya Tea

Ceremonial Matcha from Aiya TeaI’ve always been impressed by a good cup of Matcha, and I know from my experience with Aiya Tea‘s Premium Matcha that I was in for an exquisite Matcha experience.    Their ceremonial grade Matcha is a very high grade of Matcha.  While their Premium Matcha is the highest grade, this is the second highest grade making it ideal for everyday use, yet with as much quality as a top grade ceremonial Matcha.

Matcha is a very high grade luxurious tea often used in Japanese Tea Ceremonies as well as for its many health benefits and intensely vegetal and smooth flavor.   Matcha is specially created with only the best tea trees in the most ideal climate for growing tea.   The Matcha plants are covered so that the direct sunlight cannot reach the leaves, leaving the delicately-raised tea leaves to take on a deep, rich jade green color which stays in the leaves after they have been plucked and dried then finely milled, traditionally by stone and hand.

Because of the special way that Matcha tea is created, it carries as much as ten times more health benefits and anti-oxidants than that of one cup of regular Green Tea.   It is a concentrated powerhouse of flavor and health benefits!  Matcha is a bright green very fine powder which is traditionally brewed by using a Matcha Whisk, Matcha Bowl, a bamboo Tea Scoop, and several other optional Matcha brewing accessories.  Since the Matcha powder is so fine, sometimes it needs to be sifted as it is added to the Matcha bowl, or you may use a tea scoop to place the Matcha powder in your bowl.  Then add only 1-2 ounces of hot water, and using your Matcha whisk, whisk the Matcha in the water briskly for about a minute.  Then add hot water to fill your bowl, whisk a few times to mix well, and enjoy!

Click here to read more and watch a video on how to prepare Matcha from Aiya Tea.

Aiya Tea describes this tea as:

Aiya’s flagship product, the ceremonial drinking grade of Matcha is perfect for daily consumption. This daily treat contains the highest color quality, nutrient value, and taste for the average consumer.

This particular Ceremonial Matcha from Aiya Tea is of exceptional quality, with a very deeply vegetal, smooth and mellow earthy flavor.  There is no sharpness, bitterness or grassy tones, it is a very lovely Matcha to enjoy everyday if you can!  The aroma and appearance of the Matcha is also of top quality, being bright lime green in color, and a relaxing mossy green tea fragrance that entices and soothes the soul.

The flavor is of such quality that it does make a wonderful traditional Matcha for ceremonial purposes, however, it also makes an incredibly delicious hot or iced chai latté when you add steamed milk and sugar to it as well!

Aiya Tea makes the most incredible Matcha teas and Matcha accessories, be sure to also follow them on Facebook and on Twitter for great deals and news on their Matcha products.  I personally love the quality of all of their teas and tea products, and would highly recommend it to our readers.  If you haven’t been introduced to the wonderful world of Matcha, this is a great place to start!

The health benefits of Matcha are numerous, in fact, the health benefits of Matcha have raised significant interest in the United States as well as around the world. Matcha is not just for drinking either, you can find numerous delicious recipes in which to use Matcha such as in Matcha Green Tea Cookies.

In 2003, University of Colorado scientists discovered that the concentration of the antioxidant EGCG available from drinking Matcha is up to 137 times greater than the amount of EGCG available from other commercially available green teas.  Matcha is also said to boost metabolism and help reduce cholesterol levels when drunk regularly.   The aforementioned health benefits of matcha green tea can largely be attributed to the fact that the whole tea leaf is ingested, as opposed to just the steeped water in the case of ‘bagged’ green teas. This means that it delivers a much higher potency of catechins, chlorophyll, and antioxidants. Pound-for-pound, matcha contains more antioxidants than blueberries, gojiberries, pomegranates, orange juice, and spinach.

There is also much evidence from research studies that suggest that theanine, which Matcha is rich with, may help to reduce or moderate mental stress responses.

With all these great reasons to drink Matcha on a regular basis, Aiya Tea is a mecca for those in love with Matcha, with the highest quality Matcha teas, and high quality Matcha accessories.  Their ceremonial Matcha is a great one to have in the pantry!


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