Chai Americaine from Let’s Do Tea

Chai Americaine Black Tea

When trying a new chai, I like to have a cup of untouched chai first (no added milk or sweetener), and then only add it after at least a few sips. I think when I add my own flavoring, it really masks and dilutes the natural flavor of the tea and makes such a drastic change, that I like to judge it in its natural form.

Well, I liked this “naked” chai quite a bit and ended up drinking two more cups of it without adding anything!

Let’s Do Tea lists the ingredients as:

Black Tea, Cloves, Cinnamon, Orange Peels, Flavourings.

I think this tea is named well.  It is definitely “Americanized.” That is not necessarily a bad thing; it just means that some of the sharp Indian spices have been slightly toned down. I also have some suspicions that that “flavoring” is some kind of sweetener (because you know how us Americans love sweet stuff). I didn’t find the tea overly sweet mind you, it just had a little added sweetness which might have also come from the spices. I found the whole cup quite smooth, with the herbs mixing in well with each other. The most prevalent taste was the cloves, but they certainly didn’t overpower the other flavors.



Happy to hear you enjoyed our Chai Americaine. Just wanted to clarify for you that the “2% flavoring” undisclosed on the label is the natural oils from the plants. There is absolutely no sugar added!
Any questions or concerns, be sure to contact me!

Have a TEA-rific day!


Thanks for the additional info. I wish they would just be more specific on the label, because really “natural plant oil” sounds nicer than “natural flavoring” which just sounds so bland and could be anything really.

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