Chamomile and Catnip from Eclectic Diana

Chamomile and CatnipChamomile is yummy and relaxing, but catnip? I don’t remember having any feline qualities?! A new interesting tea to try.

Plus wikipedia says this about it (Nepeta is a genus of about 250 species of flowering plants in the family Lamiaceae. The members of this group are known as catnip or catmint because of their famed effect on cats—nepeta pleasantly stimulates cats’ pheromonic receptors, typically resulting in a temporarily induced euphoric state. Catnip is also known to induce mild euphoria in humans.) Just a lil blurb from my favorite go to information site!

Mild Euphoria? I get that while drinking tea, so my interest was definitely piqued!

Blog describes this tea as:

This blend I have made with {en:Chamomile} & {en:Catnip} along with {en:Lemon_Balm|Lemon Balm}, Mint, {en:Lemongrass} & {en:Hibiscus} flowers.

**METAPHYSICAL~~combined have the properties of Love,
Health/Healing, Luck, and more…..
and belong to one or more of the Elements.

Well I have to say this was some minty goodness all the way. I think mint should be my middle name the way I love it! The ingredients are so natural and go so well together it is hard not to enjoy this blend! Plus who knows you might add some euphoria to your day!

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The Tea Guru

Catnip is actually very very relaxing to humans when they drink it – this sounds like the ultimate calm-you-down tea!! I imagine this to be a really soothing and calming tisane. Here is a fantastic website with more information on how catnip in tea helps humans:

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