Chamomile and Lavender from The Loose Leaf

Chamomile & LavenderAlthough I am not a big fan of chamomile, I do like it in blends, and especially in blends with lavender.  I think that the strong, floral quality of the lavender is subdued a bit by the mellow, somewhat fruity notes of the chamomile blossom.  Likewise, the somewhat “pale” tasting chamomile is improved greatly with the addition of the fragrant yet sometimes overwhelming taste of lavender.  This tea from The Loose Leaf brings the two together in a nicely balanced quiescence.

This tea is an excellent choice to sip later in the evening, as it helps to promote a sense of calmness.  From the moment you open the package and smell the lovely dried, organic blossoms of the chamomile and lavender, to the moment you savor the last, tasty drop, it is a very soothing and therapeutic experience.

The Loose Leaf describes this tea as

The Loose Leaf brings purpose to tea. Enjoy each cup knowing you are getting many health benefits!

Relieve nausea
Supports the digestive system
Stimulate your immune system
Rich in Calcium and Magnesium
Reduce anxiety and stress
Natural anti-inflammatory
Induce relaxation with a pleasant soothing taste

This is a tea that I received as a sample, and it is one that I held on to for several weeks before trying, and I am glad that I did.  Earlier this week, my rib cage experienced some muscle trauma, and I have found the anti-inflammatory properties of this blend were very helpful toward my healing.  It is a very simple, pleasant-tasting, relaxing tea that I enjoyed hot, with just a small drizzle of agave nectar.  I found it an excellent way to unwind and convalesce.



Oh man if that doesn’t sound relaxing I don’t know what does!


Wow…that does sound great…after my day today I sure can use some of that. I also have had a great tea from You and Me Tea that was called Organic Relaxation Blend. This would help me relax so nicely. A great tea to have before bed time…

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