Chamomile Lemon Drop from California Tea House

Just one sip…that’s all it took!

The following song popped into my head…

Things That Make You Go Hmm by C + C Music Factory.

Just for the chorus that is!

Hmm and YUM, I should say.

Why am I so excited about this blend, you ask!?  Because I’m not very into Chamomile but this tea does it right!  And most of the time when something is primarily lemon – it can be obnoxious and fake tasting.  Not this tea.  It’s very tasty and refreshing and you can taste the true ingredients and not think they are artificial.

California Tea House describes this tea as:

Chamomile Lemon Drop is a smooth blend of {en:Sencha} Green Tea with fresh-cut ginger root, lemon myrtle, a few citrus peels, lemon grass, orange preserves and English chamomile with a touch of lemon and ginger root slices.

It really does remind me of those old Lemon Drop candies!  Nice treat-type tea!

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