Chamomile Lemon Sweet Meadows by Numi Tea

Tea Name Here Every time I sit down to enjoy my next new adventure with Numi Tea, I become giddy because I know with our previous track record that this is a tea company I can trust to do it right.   Tonight was no exception!

After a long day, like most of you who read this blog, I like little more than to hear the kettle whistle and then pour myself my own little piece of steamy heaven.  With Chamomile Lemon, I was once again pleased by the clear scent of lemony goodness.

Generally, I am not a fan of fruit flavored anything.  However, it is high time I cross lemon myrtle off my list of dislikes because truly, this is an amazing addition to a few tea ingredients.  First off, it smells clean and crisp, but second, and probably more importantly, it’s not sour but fresh!

Chamomile, I’ve found, can be hit or miss as far as quality is concerned.  I prefer subtlety and freshness over stale and dry.  Thankfully, Numi is a brand that I know produces high quality chamomile, and I’m not left with the typical straw taste in my mouth after drinking it.   The combination of chamomile and lemon myrtle combined gives a full and rounded after taste that is somewhat sweet at first, but also subtly zingy.  I really appreciate the taste left in my mouth after drinking this tea.

Numi describes this tea as:

Chamomile has been used since ancient times and was favored by the Pharaohs. Cultivated in Egypt’s northern valley, we have combined the finest chamomile blossoms with the world’s most vibrant source of citral, lemon myrtle – found in the rainforests of Australia. When brewed this teasan glows with the warmth of sunshine and imparts a lingering calm brushed with citrus murmurings. This charming organic teasan infuses pleasant simple flowers with a lively lemon scent. Fall in love again for the first time in Sweet Meadows.

Ingredients: Fair Trade Certified Organic whole chamomile flowers, organic lemon myrtle

Chamomile has long been used for its calming properties, and this tea uses a brilliant combination of it and lemon myrtle to give a sense of quiet and well-being.  Numi is a trustworthy tea company that repeatedly produces smooth, self-drinking teas that are full in flavor and round out perfectly.  I’ve learned that lemon myrtle ranks high on my list of favored ingredients, and I am eager to find my own supply so I can mix it in with my own personal Herbal Tisane blends.

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I completely agree with the whole lemon makes tea sour thing. I personally love chamomile tea to bits, and when I’m in the mood for lemon in it, I never go with the juice I always put the zest in. I find the perfume of the lemon peel oil accentuates the chamomile’s almost pineapple like taste much better then the juice which over powers it and makes it bitter. I’ve never tried this particular brand before but from the sound of it, it seems like a good one. Great post 🙂

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