Champagne Infused Tea from Red Leaf Tea

Champagne Infused White Raspberry TeaAfter browsing on Red Leaf Tea | Etsy Shop’s website, I came across this flavor and was instantly intrigued.  I’ve been aware of wine and/or champagne flavored teas and have wanted to try one.  Because Red Leaf Tea offers sample packages at reasonable prices (and free shipping!) I decided it was the opportunity I was looking for and placed my order.

This is a very beautiful blend:  long, light green leaves with silvery tips and delicate, snowy white down, blended with beautiful safflower blossoms.

The flavor of this tea is so unique and complex, yet so very delicate.  The raspberry is the most prominent flavor, but I can also detect notes from the champagne as well as the White Tea.  There is even a very faint sharpness from the safflower blossom.  Because each flavor is extraordinarily light, no flavor overwhelms another, instead, the union of the flavors is quite harmonious on the palate.

Red Leaf Tea describes this tea as

Of all the teas, White Tea as the most delicate flavor.  Lightly dried and uncured, white tea leaves accept sweetening well.  We carefully suffused a light champagne into the herbs and created a new tea blend that truly melds the freshness of safflowers, red raspberry and white wine champagne, while retaining its delicate original taste.  Best enjoyed as an afternoon tea, our Champagne White Raspberry Tea is a gourmet’s delight.

There is a very soft sweetness to this blend, but, I do recommend adding a small amount of sweetener to it.  The flavors here are very delicate, and the sweetener (I used agave nectar) adds vibrancy to the tea.

If you like white tea, I highly recommend trying this flavor, you might just fall in love with it as I have.

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I have been hearing a lot about this tea and am interesting in trying it some day! Thanks for the review!

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