Chelsea’s Chocolate Banana from Zoomdweebies

Chelsea's Chocolate Banana from ZoomdweebiesThis is, without a doubt, my absolute *favorite* tea from 52Teas – that is, of those that I’ve tried!  And the big surprise about is this:  it’s a {en:Rooibos} blend!

As I’ve professed many times on this blog, I love chocolate, so if it’s a chocolate tea, there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll be tempted enough to buy it.  However, since this was a rooibos blend, I wasn’t going to buy it… that is, until I read this bit written by Frank of 52 Teas about this blend:

You’re probably wondering just who the heck Chelsea is. Well, if you’ve ever ordered tea from us and gotten the wrong tea or your tea has been late, it was Chelsea’s fault. Chelsea is my little bubble-headed assistant with attitude. She knows I would only say that out of a deep and abiding loathe… I mean, love.

Honestly, Chelsea is my right-hand girl and I couldn’t operate 52teas or Zoomdweebie’s without her. When she complained (did I mention she is quite whiney?) that we had created Frank’s Apple Cider Rooibos in my honor and Sheri’s Blend for my wife, but no tea bearing her namesake, I said, “Yeah, so?”

After a few more months of whining, I decided that maybe I should spare my ears and let her have her own blend, and this is what she said she wanted: A chocolate covered banana rooibos.

Well, it’s just like Chelsea, a bit sweet and fruity all at once.

So here it is, our Chelsea’s Chocolate Banana Rooibos with caffeine-free African Rooibos, milk chocolate chips, organic cacao nibs and freeze dried bananas. If you guys don’t buy it up and make me reblend it and make it a permanent fixture, I’ll probably have to listen to Chelsea whine about it, so please buy it up.

I don’t know, I think I just felt sorry for Chelsea… maybe I just wanted her favorite blend to do well.  So I bought into Frank’s hard sell and ordered a pouch, but to be honest, I really didn’t have high expectations.  I do love chocolate, but, rooibos… for the most part, I can take it or leave it.

So imagine my astonishment when I tasted this blend!  It really is so delightfully good.  The chocolate is rich and sinfully satisfying.  The banana – which is a flavor that more often than not tea artisans do not get right – is spot on!  It tastes just like a banana that’s been dipped in gooey milk chocolate.

The rooibos is there, you can taste the distinct flavor of red rooibos in this blend, but it is not strong.  This does not disappoint me in the least.  This tea is all about the chocolate and banana.  It is a delicious treat – and makes a perfect dessert.

At my last visit to their website, 52 Teas is – sadly – sold out of this blend.  My pouch is about half empty, and I’m not sharing it.  It’s mine.  So if you want some of this amazingly decadent tea, you’ll have to tweet Frank at 52 Teas and ask him to reblend it.  (Please do!)

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