Cherry Almond Black Tea from Enjoying Tea

Cherry Almond Black Tea from Enjoying TeaIn this tea, the flavoring is pretty mild, so that the nice quality Ceylon (Sri Lanka) tea itself is the more prominent flavor. When one first opens the package, one can tell that there is an aroma, but it’s not strong enough to tell what it is specifically. Even when brewed, it’s difficult to place the aroma.

The tea brews up a nice medium brown, not too dark, and it’s a very pleasant tea, a good tea flavor without being too strong or bitter – medium robustness, not too brisk. Once you add a bit of sugar, the flavorings become more evident, although still mild, and the almond flavor is stronger than the cherry, which is barely there.

Enjoying Tea describes this tea as:

The base of this tea is high grown Ceylon combined with the flavor of fresh picked cherries adds a pleasant sweetness to the nutty character of almond and the astringency of the tea. Only the tea from the top three tea growing regions of Sri Lanka was used for this tea. These high-grown districts produce teas that have classic Ceylon tea character with floral notes, touches of astringency, and a bright coppery color. A dash of sugar and milk helps to bring out the natural sweetness of this tea. Serve over ice for a real summer treat!

I would have to disagree with them about milk – as I said, the flavorings are mild in this, and milk would swamp them out completely; what you’d be left with is just Black Tea with milk. Which is OK if you like black tea with milk, but why do it when the tea doesn’t need it at all? I agree that this makes a good iced tea; I added more sugar to it when making it iced. You definitely wouldn’t want to add lemon to this, as it would completely obliterate the almond flavor. Dropping in a fresh cherry as a decoration to your sparkling glass of iced tea would look great and taste good!

This tea also comes as part of Enjoying Tea’s Fruit Flavored Black Tea Sampler, which includes 8 teas, 1 ounce each. The sampler also includes such flavors as Banana, Passion Fruit , Pineapple, and Plum.

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Whoops, the case of the disappearing pictures! Well, trust me, it looks like black tea.

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