Cherry Blossom White Tea from Zen Tara Tea

Cherry Blossom White Tea from Zen Tara TeaSitting on my rickety wooden front porch swing, bundled in an old poncho to keep the wind from chilling my bones, I hold a cup of this tea in my hands.  Savoring the sweet floral aroma as the steam wafts towards my face, and warming my hands with the heat of the cup,  I notice the buds on the trees, my peonies starting to grow from the cold ground, and I take joy in the passage of seasons as winter slowly slips away, and spring fills the air.

Indeed, this is the quintessential spring tea.  Unlike other cherry blossom teas, this is not syrupy or overwhelmingly flavored with cherry.  The balance of white and Green Teas with the floral notes and soft cherry undertones make this such a lovely, delightful cherry blossom tea.   This tea is also remarkably visually attractive as well, with beautiful rose and safflower petals.

I really expected nothing less than perfection as I knew it was a custom blend from Zen Tara Tea, one of the highest quality tea companies I’ve found anywhere on the internet.  Their teas are always a delight to drink, but this Cherry Blossom White Tea is simply a uniquely magnificent tea in every way.

Zen Tara Tea describes this tea as:

The Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC have begun to open marking the beginning of a three week Cherry Blossom Festival including the largest “Sakura Matsuri” in America.

We’ve brought together the essence of the blossoms of the cherry tree (“sakura” in Japanese) together with traditional spring teas harvested in Japan and China (organic green and white teas). A wonderful tea to shake off winter and celebrate the arrival of spring, the blooming flowers and trees, and the first robin’s return outside your window.

This special blend builds on the natural floral qualities of the white tea with subtle floral and cherry notes. The small amount of Japanese green tea in the blend keeps the slight sweetness perfectly balance. A tea that lingers and brings the spirit of this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival to tea drinker’s everywhere.

Ingredients: Organic white tea (China), organic {en:bancha} green tea (Japan), organic rose petals, organic {en:safflower} petals, natural cherry flavor. Blended and packaged in the U.S.

Cherry Blossom Tin from Zen Tara TeaI really liked the inclusion of green tea in this blend as well.  Personally, I find most white teas a little too subtle for my tastes, but the green tea adds just enough of a grassy touch to really accentuate the flavors of the tea, which mix beautifully with the floral and cherry notes.  An absolute must-try tea, especially for springtime!

This tea is available in 1 oz., 2 oz., or 4 oz. resealable stand-up bags, a plain black storage tin (with our Cherry Blossom label, not shown) or a special Spring Blossom Japanese rice paper tin which you can see here to the left.  I think that is simply a gorgeous tin, that fits this tea perfectly, and makes for a radiant display of the tea in your home.

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