Cherry Cola Honeybush from 52Teas

Cherry Cola Honeybush from 52TeasThis blend smells absolutely amazing.  It reminds me of a cherry cola – but not the kind that you can buy in a can.  It reminds me of a cherry cola from an old fashioned soda fountain shop.  The smell is sweet and very cherry-ish… and it’s making my mouth water!

Having tried one or two of 52Teas soda blends in the past, I was confident that they would be able to recreate that bubbly cola taste.  And this blend does not disappoint.

I know it might be hard to believe, but, it actually tastes like a carbonated beverage!  It has an almost effervescent quality to it.

The flavors of this blend are really delicious.  It is sweet and tastes like maraschino cherries and cola.   The {en:honeybush} base lends a little bit of its own sweetness to the blend, but I don’t get much of the woodsy/nutty taste from the honeybush.  I can taste faint notes of the honeybush, but what I taste most is cherry cola!

52Teas aka My Sweet Honeybush describes this blend as

Guilt-free natural cherry cola flavors effervesce (Okay, so there are no actual bubbles, but it sure tastes like it) through our sweet red honeybush.

At the moment, I am drinking this tisane hot, and it is very good this way.  But, as I had this pouch of tea through some of the warmest months of the summer, I also have tasted it iced and it’s absolutely spectacular!  It is just as refreshing as an ice-cold cola, but without all the sweetener and without that sticky, caramel-y film over the teeth (one of the reasons why I don’t drink cola very often!)

I found this recipe on the 52Teas website.  I haven’t tried it, but I think this tea would be make a delightful Tea Soda:

How to make a TEA SODA
This is how we make them at Zoomdweebie’s

* Brew about 1/3 cup of strong flavored tea like our Cherry Vanilla Cola flavored Black Tea.
* Disolve 1/2 cup sugar into tea.
* Allow to cool or pour over ice.
* Finish with about eight ounces of carbonated water or “sparkling water”.
* Stir and enjoy!

If you go to the 52Teas website looking for this tea, you’ll need to go to the My Sweet Honeybush blends which can be found easily by clicking on the “in stock” drop down menu.

This is one of my favorite honeybush blends.  I like to add just a little bit of raw sugar to the tea to enhance the flavors just a little bit, but it is quite sweet so taste it before you sweeten it.  Even with the little bit of sugar that I add, it is still far less than in a can of soda… making this the perfect alternative to those who love soda pop but want to reduce their sugar intake, and don’t care for the taste of diet or sugar free soda.


Mark Boyle

I like the fruity flavors for tea leaves.

The Tea Guru

GREAT resource, thanks for sharing it!

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