Cherry Cordial Tea from Culinary Teas

Cherry Cordial Tea from Culinary TeasI LOVE Chocolate Covered cherries (also known as {en:Cherry_cordial|Cherry Cordials} ).  For a long time in my family, it has been a family tradition to give my mother a box of chocolate covered cherries because of her love of them, and she would share hers with me, giving me truly fond memories of the sticky confection that had such a powerful flavor to it.

So when I went to brew this tea, I was skeptical that it could compare to the “real thing”, expecting another cherry flavored Black Tea.  I’m happy to report that this assumption was incorrect.

Upon opening the package, the aroma of real cherry cordials wafted up from the bag.  I mean these dried leaves smell exactly like a chocolate covered cherry!

When I went to brew this tea, I knew it wouldn’t be the same without sugar.  So even though I’ve recently sworn off sugar in a diet, I made an exception and tossed in a tablespoon of sugar to my 13 oz cup, and also added a dollop of vanilla soy milk.  The taste of cherry cordial was stronger without the addition of soy milk; however, it was missing a “creamy” element that most cherry cordials have, so use your own discretion with milk products.

Culinary Teas describes this tea as:

Our Cherry Cordial tea blends the flavors of chocolate and cherries with a wonderful black tea base. This blend will make you think you are eating a fabulous cherry cordial. Yummy!

cherry cordialsThis is a tea to enjoy simply for its delicious flavor, with authentic chocolate and cherry flavors.  Don’t get me wrong, this is NOT a cherry flavored black tea, rather it is exactly what it advertises – a tea which tastes and smells exactly like a cherry cordial (without all those calories too!).

Perhaps I should buy my mother a bag of this tea for Christmas this year as well as her usual box of cherry cordials, because this is the perfect tea to enjoy cherry cordials with!



I love cordial cherries too… and this flavor sounds wonderful!


We gave my mother a box of them every year for Christmas because we found out she DIDN’T like them. It was just a joke so we could eat them guilt free – after all, we bought them for her!

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