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277004 Organic China Oolong Whittard of Chelsea

Good Morning tea-lovers.

Here we have a delightful Organic Tea from Whittard Of Chelsea.

This is Organic China Oolong – Black Tea.

On opening the sample pack sent you get a hit of smoky tea with a sweet undertone.

I pour out some of the tea leaves to take a closer look and find that they are very dark in colour and almost crispy looking!

This tea interests me highly as I am a big lover of smoky teas.

I prepare my kettle for boil whilst taking out my finest china cup (a must for teas in my opinion).

I decant some of the tea leaves in my pot and pour over the boiled liquid after leaving for a few seconds.

After brewing for a few minutes I notice that the tea isn’t as dark as I imagined.

After filling my cup I take a moment to savour the aroma, this is very smoky now and the sweet undertone is slightly more powerful.

I take a sip and I am pleasantly surprised the tea is comparable to a Lapsang Souchong but a lot milder. I must say I really like this tea and would find it very enjoyable to drink anytime of the day without milk or sugar as it has plenty of flavour.

Whittard of Chelsea describes this tea as-

A truly superb robust Oolong from the Fujian Province with a honeyed sweetness.

Delicate floral Oolongs are between a black and Green Tea. This long leafed organic tea comes from the Wu Yi gardens of the Fujian Province. It is stronger than most Oolong Tea due to higher roasting and longer fermentation. The dark smoky taste of the tea balances perfectly with sweet honey notes. Served after a rich meal, traditionally one would exhale after each sip, savouring the ‘Hui Gan’; the teas lingering sweetness.

Great Taste Awards judges love it too – “This tea produces a liquor of good colour and great clarity.”

Packed in an environment where nuts are handled.

Overall I would say this tea is smoky, full-bodied and very slightly sweet. A winner for me!

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China Oolong from Whittard Of Chelsea: A tea review of China Oolong Black Tea from Whittard of Chelsea

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