Chinese Flower from Harney & Sons

Chinese FlowerThis tea is one of the most beautiful teas I’ve ever seen – leaves of Green Tea tossed with three different kinds of flowers and dried citrus peel.  Although neither the description online nor the description on the tin is specific as to what kind of flower petals and blossoms are in this blend, they appear to be that of calendula, cornflower, and rose.

And it smells just as good as it looks: the fresh scent of the tea melds so beautifully with the floral and fruit essences to create an aroma that captivates this tea drinker’s very soul!

The scent of this tea foreshadows the flavor that will soon be experienced.  The green tea is very smooth and fresh-tasting; the citrus fruit is slightly tart, while the floral notes are mostly mild and delicately sweet, yet there is a sharp undertone – possibly from the rose – that whispers on the palate, just barely-there, but enough to make its presence known.

Harney & Sons describes this tea as

Green Tea with Flowers and Lemon. A reinvigoration of the senses. Chinese Flower, flawlessly blended of hand plucked Chinese green tea, three types of flowers, and citrus flavors, yields the most high-caliber tea experience. A synergy between tea, flower, and fruit, every part gorgeously synchronized – crisp citrus aroma that bursts and floral notes that woo, Chinese Flower grasps the sensations. It is a rare jewel in the teascape, its bold vitality spellbinding.

This tea has been a personal favorite for several years, because I love how the three components – tea, citrus, and floral – work together to create such a palatable experience.  There is such an uncommonly delicious balance in this tea that makes it a favorite of mine that I return to frequently.  It is light-bodied and refreshing, and has so very little astringency, and no bitterness to speak of.

To put it simply:  it’s just good!

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I had the same thought the first time I opened my tin of this – prettiest tea I’ve ever seen! Very refreshing, and I do like it iced.

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