Chocolate Almond Allure from Talbott Teas

Chocolate Almond Allure Tea by Talbott TeasOh-My-God!  I think I’m in LOVE…

This smells and tastes totally wonderful!  The name really DOES say it all!  It’s a flavored Black Tea so you can still taste the black tea with the chocolate and almond notes added in. I think the almond is more noticeable but it’s still a wonderful treat.

Talbott Teas describes this tea as:

Bit by almond bit, you let the rich flavor overwhelm you. Pieces of cocoa and caramel envelop your senses, and black tea, as you know it, is changed forever.

All natural premium ingredients: Full-leaf black tea, almond pieces, cacao nibs, natural caramel, chocolate and almond flavors.

Price: $12.00 – free shipping on all orders

Satisfaction- Guilt Free

Who doesn’t love chocolate? We all love chocolate so much that forecasters predict that the chocolate business in the US will reach 18 billion in sales by the year 2011. So, obviously no one needs convincing to dip into some sort of tasty chocolate treat. No matter how full I am, I can always fit in some chocolate every day. In fact, pairing chocolate with just about anything is gratifying to me.

But, combining tea with chocolate? I wasn’t a believer until I tasted black tea blended with cocoa, and infused with strawberry, almonds, or caramel pieces… WOW! It was the perfect taste without any calories. “That’s what I call “Satisfaction- Guilt Free!”

-Dr. Steven Nakisher

I have found with other chocolate teas the chocolate can be to dark tasting, too bitter, too fake tasting, or even barely there.  The chocolate in this tea pairs really well with the almond AND the black tea.  Usually I can take or leave almond and other nutty flavors in teas but this blend works and it’s a keeper!

The only negative!?  I’m already out of this and will have to purchase some SOON!  Two thumbs up!

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I’ve never tried a chocolate tea before, but now you’re tempting me! I hope i can find it in the UK, or something similar…

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