Chocolate Chai from Adagio Teas

Chocolate Chai from AdagioWhen I asked my sister last night to suggest good fall teas (already having compiled my own list), she was in absolute agreement with me that fall calls for nicely spiced chais.

With that in mind, I’ve been working my way through Adagio’s Chai Sampler, and quite a pleasant work it’s been. On this cold gray morning, I’m sipping away at the Chocolate Chai.  While some teas are delicately spiced, I’ve noticed that across the board, Adagio tends to have very bold Chais, with lots of ginger and cardamom.

In this particular blend, the cardamom is the strongest flavor, even stronger than the chocolate.  It does smell like rich chocolate, but tastewise, the chocolate is quite light, almost elusive, dancing in and out behind the rich spices.

Adagio describes this tea as:

We’ve taken one of the world’s favorite indulgences, chocolate, and combined it with the exotic flavors and spices of Masala chai to create the ultimate treat. Chocolate flavored Ceylon Black Tea blended with cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon. Make it extra rich by preparing with hot milk.

When I taste a new chai-style tea, I like to try it two ways: plain and then lightly sweetened with a spot of milk, the way traditional Masala is consumed.  Often this technique highlights different flavors.  In this case, I have sweetened it with a scant half teaspoon of honey and just enough milk to slightly lighten the color.  In this case, the milk brought out a little bit more of a chocolate flavor, more like a chocolate-flavored candy than cocoa or a chocolate bar.  The chocolate was brought forward by the fact that the milk slightly masked the strength of the ginger and other spices. I recommend this tea for someone who wants just a little bit of sweetness but not an overwhelming chocolate taste.

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Needs MUCH more chocolate.

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