Chocolate Chai from Wegmans

Chocolate Chai from Wegman'sIn a few of my other reviews I have briefly mentioned a grocery store chain by the name of Wegmans.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Wegmans chain you can check out their website here.  They have a great natural foods and tea section!  About a month ago I bought some of their Chocolate Chai in bulk.

This chai smells like a chocolate coconut cookie. This also smells VERY strong. When I tasted it at first I thought it was much mellower than the smell led me to believe. It’s quite good. It’s not too strong and not too mellow. The chocolate chips prior to steep are HUGE and took about 3 minutes steeping to melt. I’m glad I bought this.  The chocolate and coconut combo are what makes it… nice touches! Sweet!

I was unable to find an official description on their website but these are the ingredients:

Black Tea, chocolate, cassia, coconut, vanilla bean, and natural vanilla flavor.

This is probably one of my favorite chais to date.  I will certainly be purchasing some more to have on hand.



Yuck… I do not like Chocolate flavored anything. Now if its real chocolate GREAT, I mean bring on the mochas, but there is something about that artificial chocolate taste that makes me want to gag.


I first discovered this tea in northern Virginia and love it. I contacted corporate to see if I could order a pound to take when relocating to the west coast and was very curtly told that they will not do mail orders, so anyone who reads this and loves it should locate the stores and befriend someone in the area. (My local store also said it was being discontinued and tried to point me to another brand, but it contained different ingredients – but a store less than an hour away had it for full price on their shelves last weekend.)

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