Chocolate Maté from KTeas

Chocolate Mate from KTeasThis tea review is very unique.  Out of the nearly 1,000 tea reviews we have here at The Tea Review Blog, this is the very first Yerba Maté Rooibos blend we’ve reviewed!  This is certainly the first Maté/Rooibos blend that I’ve tasted, and I was not disappointed at all.

The ingredients in this groundbreaking tea from KTeas are simple: {en:Yerba_Mate|Yerba Maté}, red {en:Rooibos), chocolate pieces and flavor.  I’m very pleased that the ingredients are so simple because that is the perfect recipe for one terrifically smooth sweet cup of chocolate tea.

I was so pleasantly surprised to find out that this tea tastes exactly like chocolate tea, not hot cocoa, or anything like a chocolate chai.  There are no spices or other ingredients – the chocolate is pure and delicious.

The smoothness of the Yerba Maté, which tastes very mellow and golden on its own, with no sharpness or tanginess, along with the rich saccharine sweet red rooibos, is what really makes this herbal blend stand out amongst the rest.  It’s a recipe for a very, very smooth and succulent brew, and the chocolate is the perfect complementary flavor to it.

KTeas describes this tea as:

Yerba Maté is the hot drink of choice in South America—usually enjoyed by sipping from a hollow gourd (cuia) through a filtered straw (bombihla). We don’t have the cuia or the bombihla, here, but we do offer you the chance to enjoy the invigorating maté with some sinful chocolate!

Since there is no actual “tea” in this blend, this is considered an herbal blend; however Yerba Maté might have small trace amounts of caffeine as may the chocolate, so if you need to avoid caffeine altogether, then this is not a good tea for you. However if tiny amounts of caffeine don’t bother you, this is actually quite a relaxing beverage that I think anyone would enjoy!

It makes a great no-calorie dessert tea if drunk without sweetener; however I feel that sweetener really brings out the delicious, naturally sweet flavors of all of the ingredients.   And the best part about this blend is that no matter how long you steep it, and no matter how hot the water is, there is *never* any trace of sharpness or bitterness, the flavor just intensifies!  A fantastic and nearly perfect Herbal Tisane from KTeas!



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