Chocolate Mint Oolong Tea from Stash Tea

Chocolate Mint OolongThis is a very pleasant yet surprising chocolate mint tea.  Surprising because, well, I don’t think I’ve encountered a chocolate mint flavored Oolong Tea before.  Most chocolate mint teas are either Rooibos or Black Teas, with an occasional Green Tea.

But why not Oolong tea?  If it’s good, it’s good, right? And this one is good!

I could smell the delicious aroma the minute I tore into the foil pouch – it smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream.  YUM!

The Oolong tea in this blend is a darker Oolong tea, and has a slight roasted essence to it, which complements the chocolate mint flavor rather nicely.   The Oolong has a very pleasant mouthfeel to it, which lends a sort of rich appeal to the chocolate mint flavors, as if you’re eating a truffle.

While I think I would prefer a stronger chocolate flavor in this tea (hey, who doesn’t want more chocolate?), I must say that the chocolate and mint flavors are balanced well, with neither overwhelming the other.

Stash Tea describes this tea as

Subtle hints of chocolate and mint complement this enticing Oolong tea.

I would classify this tea as a medium-bodied tea, making it a nice choice for afternoon drinking, or even a low-calorie, healthy (and yummy!) alternative to dessert.   And although it does add a little onto the calorie count, I do add a little agave nectar to this tea, as it gives some added emphasis to the chocolate and mint flavors.  But, I think milk is unnecessary, and would overwhelm this tea.

If you are a chocoholic (like me!) and have made it your New Year’s resolution to cut down on the desserts, this tea will definitely help you resist that temptation!  It’s absolutely scrumptious!



You HAD to say chocolate chip ice cream didn’t you? That sounds SO GOOD right now.


Yeah… I think I was really craving chocolate when I wrote this review… not only did I mention mint chocolate chip ice cream, but also truffles and dessert (well, alternative to dessert).

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