Chocolate Orange from The NecessiTeas

As soon as I opened the tin, the aromas of chocolate and orange came at me – no mistaking the flavors on this! The tea is Rooibos-based, but one doesn’t taste the rooibos at all – just the flavorings. Once brewed up, the aroma is as strong as the un-brewed tea. I sipped at it after adding sugar, but before adding milk, and it tasted quite chocolaty, but a bit too strong; with a small amount of milk, it tasted great. The chocolate chunks are clearly recognizable chocolate chips, the same shape as the ones we buy in the familiar yellow bag at the supermarket.

The NecessiTeas describes this tea as:

This blend is hard to resist with the sweet aroma of chocolate and orange and the tempting chocolate chunks! Add a splash of milk and a touch of sugar for a truly decedent treat! Naturally caffeine free!

One of the reasons that many people buy chocolate-flavored tea is to get the taste of chocolate without the calories, and adding in the milk does, of course, add some calories.  Many people would probably want to add more milk than I do, and a mix even up to half milk would still taste like a strong chocolate beverage, as long as the tea was still hot. I’d suggest warming up the milk a bit before adding it, so that it doesn’t cool down the tea too much. One of my favorite things to do is to use evaporated skim milk (NOT condensed milk; that’s a different kettle of fish) instead of regular milk, for a taste almost as rich as cream; however, since evaporated milk tends to come only in cans in the US, once you open a can you have to use all of it within a few days – so plan on drinking a bunch of the tea, or doing some low-fat baking to go with the tea!

As an iced tea, this tea did not work well.  In general, I don’t find that rooibos teas ice well – the flavor changes.  I definitely don’t like adding milk to iced tea, and this tea doesn’t work well without a teensy bit of milk. However, if you have liked other iced rooibos blends, you might well like this one too – I’d be interested to hear comments from people who do like iced rooibos.

One note:  although this tea is rooibos, and has no caffeine in the leaves, chocolate does contain some caffeine and other stimulants ({en:theobromine}); while the small amount brewed into the tea from steeping it shouldn’t affect most people, it is there, and if you are extremely caffeine-sensitive, you’ll want to try this in tiny doses first, to see if it works for you.

Exotic Tea Sampler – ten 1-oz. packs

Tea from The NecessiTeas comes in attractive silver-colored tins, and should keep well at normal temperatures.  The chocolate-orange tea is also included in The NecessiTeas’ Exotic Tea Sampler. Samples from The NecessiTeas come in resealable mylar-lined plastic packets.

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