Chocolate Rose Romance from Liber-TEAS

Chocolate Rose Romance

Chocolate Rose Romance

The aroma of this tea is what first catches your attention.  Before it’s even brewed, the scent is very close to the aroma of hot cocoa.  When brewed, that fragrance comes across even stronger!

So it’s not completely unexpected that the actual taste of this tea is incredibly chocolaty!  I drank this without milk and with a bit of sweetener and absolutely loved the strong chocolate taste, although you could add milk or milk substitute for a creamier brew.

Liber-TEAS describes this tea as:

Imagine decadent, sinful chocolate flavor without the calories, plus the health benefits of {en:Camellia_sinensis|Camellia Sinensis}!

The rich flavor of the chocolate in this tea is very prominent, and yet, the smooth {en:Ceylon_tea|Ceylon tea} also shines through, as well as very subtle hints of vanilla.

This blend contains High Grown {en:Ceylon_tea|Ceylon teas}, real dark chocolate chunks, cacao (cocoa) nibs, rose petals and leaves, vanilla, Rooibos, apple pieces, and almonds.

The vanilla and roses really give a softer edge to this tea.  The mixed flavors of chocolate, roses, vanilla, rooibos, apple and almonds all come together to make a really lovely and romantic blend.   While this is probably the strongest chocolate based tea I’ve tasted, it doesn’t overwhelm the tea leaves or the subtle vanilla and roses.  It was much harder to discern the apple and almond flavors but I’m sure this tea wouldn’t be the same without it, and it certainly added to the beauty of the blend itself.



Wow, that sounds delicious! Perfect for Valentine’s Day!


I think this sounds like a yummy tea!

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