Chocolate Toffee Black Tea from Zoomdweebies

52Teas specializes in flavored teas – black, green, and herbal. This particular flavored tea is one of more than a dozen chocolate-flavored teas that they carry. Surprisingly, the chocolate flavor is not the dominant flavor in this one.

When one first opens the packet, there is only a faint aroma of flavoring, mostly toffee, and the aroma of the underlying Black Tea, a blend of China Black FOP and a touch of Nilgiri CTC teas. It’s a medium-weight black tea, not too brisk, not too mild, not bitter. It brews up very dark. When brewed, the toffee aroma gets stronger, and the toffee flavor definitely dominates over the chocolate.

It’s a nice flavor – I think this tea tastes good even without sugar, because the toffee flavor adds some implied sweetness.  Adding a pinch of sugar, however, does make the flavor stronger and bring out the chocolate a bit more. Surprisingly, I didn’t find that adding milk did anything for the tea. Many chocolate teas improve with a bit of warm milk, but in this one, all the milk did was taste like, well, milk. So it’s a matter of, if you like milk in your tea, it will taste good in this one; if you don’t like milk in your tea, don’t bother. The tea definitely tastes better without lemon. As the underlying tea is a pretty decent black tea blend, it makes a pretty decent iced tea – not all chocolate teas taste good iced, because they depend on some milk, but this one does taste good cold, perhaps because the chocolate flavor is so mild.

Zoomdweebies describes this tea as:

Chocolate Toffee Flavored Black Tea [2-ounce zip-sealed stand up pouch (about 20-25 cups)]

Our teas are blended, flavored and packaged on site by hand in small batches. This makes the quality of our teas second to none!

Zoomdweebies are clearly people of few words when it comes to tea; there are no individual glowing descriptions for each flavor. So it’s up to you to decide whether the name of the flavor sounds good. One way to try quite a few of their chocolate flavors is through the Chocolate Sampler, which has 10 different chocolate-flavored teas, including the Chocolate Toffee.

Zoomdweebies describes the sampler as:

Chocolate Sampler: 10 grams each (4-5 cups) of our ten most popular teas in this category. That’s 40-50 cups of tea in total!

Zoomdweebies’ reasonable prices, and their frequent offers of free samples with each order, make it a lot of fun to try different flavors. By the way, for faster searching, you can use their number system: Chocolate Toffee Black Tea is #077. Go wild!

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chocolate and toffee is there anything better?

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