Chocolate Truffle from Praise Tea

Chocolate Truffle from Praise TeaYou know it’s going to be awesome when you open the pouch and you smell CHOCOLATE.  Yep… I can smell chocolate!  YUM!  You know it’s going to be even better when you look inside the pouch and you see an abundance of chocolate bits and cocoa kernels.  Yep… they’re in there!

I stood there as the tea brewed in my Kati Tumbler, one eye on the tumbler and one eye on my timer… waiting… impatiently waiting!  Yeah, I was that eager to take a sip of this.  I NEEDED my chocolate fix!

Oh… this is so good!  Rich and chocolate-y!  Smooth!

The Black Tea base is unassuming.  It has a bright flavor and a pleasant strength to it but doesn’t overwhelm the chocolate.  Brisk and flavorful enough to remind me that I’m drinking a chocolate flavored TEA.

The chocolate is rich.  It is more of a dark chocolate than a milk chocolate, and there is even a light bitter note to the chocolate that gives it a savory appeal.  Very satisfying chocolate flavor.

Praise Tea describes this blend as

Chocolate, without the guilt!  Premium full leaf black tea with chocolate cream, cocoa kernels and chocolate bits. A rich sugar-free treat with cocoa bits and rich chocolate flavor. Absolutely sinful!  Try with some brown crystal sugar. Indulge your taste buds.

On Steepster, Praise Tea has referred to this tea as their PMS blend – which makes perfect sense to me.  It has enough chocolate to tame those PMS cravings for chocolate!  This is a tea that every woman should keep on hand!

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