Chocolate Vanilla Mate (Yerba Mate) from Tea District

Chocolate Vanilla Mate Yerba Mate by Tea District

Here we have Chocolate Vanilla Mate from Tea District and I have to say I am really looking forward to this.

Firstly here are a few facts about the tea-

Ingredients: Yerba Maté, cacao nibs and natural flavourings

Company: Tea District

Tea Name: Chocolate Vanilla Mate

Tea Type: Mate

Steeping Vessel/Leaf: cup/ loose leaf

Liquor Colour: dark reddish / rich chocolate

Leaf Characteristics: grounded much like leaves with the nibs of cacao giving it a roasted and chocolatey aroma.

1st Steeping:

Water temperature:  200 Fahrenheit

Time:    5 minutes

I am continuing with my teas from Tea District and today I selected this chocolate Yerba mate. I scoop out one heaped teaspoon and put this in my cup, adding the boiled water to my cup, I leave it to steep for five minutes. When done I strained out the tea grinds with a strainer and observed as the tea is poured into another cup it has a lovely dark reddish colour; similar to coffee and with the aroma of roasted chestnut.

I am reminded that this is tea and when sipping this tea it is most smooth and creamy; again resembling black coffee or Black Tea even. But it has none of the astringent notes that are found when drinking a cup of black tea. Instead this tea is smooth, creamy and is naturally sweetened with the cacao nibs.

2nd Steeping:

Water temperature: 200 Fahrenheit

Time: 4 minutes

I steep the tea leaves/grinds a second time for several minutes and scooping/straining the grinds I Drink The tea just as before, it is a warm and it feels like a chocolatey cup of tea that is naturally sweetened with no need for anything else to be added to it.

I was able to steep the tea for a third infusion and this time tea was much milder than first or second steep with the chocolate flavour more mild and dissipating in the cup. I mean it is more diluted. Where there was once stronger chocolate flavour, it is milder and more of hints of the cacao nibs with chocolate. The tea is still nice, just not as potent.

Overall tasting notes observed:

This tea has a lovely colour and a delightful chocolate/roasted aroma. I am sorry I never did discern the vanilla in My Cup of Tea. I liked the tea straight away and I am confused when I read that this tea is one where the taste is to be acquired. Those liking coffee or black tea are sure to love this Yerba mate. It really is a drink for long social occasions since it is so sublime and delicious.

I highly recommend this Yerba Mate from The Tea District. It is one that I wish to keep in my cupboard to enjoy occasionally for the wonderful health benefits that is offered. Thank you Tea District for sending me this excellent tea!

Tea District describes this tea as-

Our Chocolate Vanilla Mate is sure to please. The fall like flavor not only tastes good, but is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant rich ingredients.

Available by the pound, 2 oz and .5 oz size!

Tea Facts

TEA NAME: Chocolate Vanilla Mate
DESCRIPTION: Our Chocolate Vanilla Mate is sure to please. The fall like flavor not only tastes good, but is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant rich ingredients.
ORIGIN/ESTATE: South America, Tea District Blend
CAFFEINE: Yerba Mate contains 4 0 – 60 mg of caffeine per cup depending on the blend.
TASTE: A fall like flavor of chocolate and vanilla combined with soothing mate.  A coffee like flavor with the benefits of tea.
INGREDIENTS: Yerba Mate, cacao nibs, and natural flavors.
BREWING: Water: 212°F / Boiling / Leaves: 1 tablespoon per 8 ounces / Infusion Time: 4–5 minutes

Overall I would describe this tea as smooth and creamy with a naturally sweet taste.


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Chocolate Vanilla Mate (Yerba Mate) from Tea District: Here we have Chocolate Vanilla Mate from Tea District and…


I reviewed this tea and enjoyed it immensely and I purchase some of this for my own usage. As it was a sampling received. But now it is mine own; yet to be opened package. Thank you Tea District for making such a wonderful tea.

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