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[Tea for All Reasons]This is a seasonal tea, one of many that Tea For All Reasons | TFAR Etsy (TFAR) makes. And as with many of their teas that are made for holidays, the very first thing one has to do when one opens the package is just look at it. Because TFAR’s teas have several features that make them some of the most attractive teas to look at! In this case, the tea has one of TFAR’s signature features, “sprinkles.” These aren’t sprinkles like ice cream sprinkles; they are little candy bits, usually shaped and colored. The sprinkles in this one are little gingerbread men (and by little, I mean that they are about a quarter of an inch) in red and brown. They look so cute! The sprinkles dissolve a little bit when steeped in hot water, so they add the tiniest amount of sweetness to the tea, but really not much. Since I prefer my tea unsweetened, I am glad that candy sprinkles don’t make it too sweet, and that also means that you’ll be able to add the sweetener of your choice, if you like your tea sweeter, rather than treating it as pre-sweetened. Rooibos has a little bit of a sweet-ish taste itself, and that’s what the base of this tea is; rooibos also tastes just a bit spicy, and that complements some of the spices in the tea.

The gingerbread sprinkles give away one of the flavors in this tea – there are slivers of dried ginger root in there; another flavor is almonds, and one can see the almond slivers in the loose tea. One can also see the bits of cacao, tiny pieces of cinnamon, and the seeds of other spices in the tea as well. Over all, the taste is not quite as spicy as a Chai Tea, but it conveys the impression of spiced baked goods quite nicely – I always feel as though the addition of almonds to a tea makes it taste more like cookies!

Since this is a specialty tea for the Christmas holiday, it isn’t always available – as I write this review, a couple of months after Christmas, it is not on TFAR’s web site, nor are any of their other Christmas teas. The link that occurs on the picture above is to the “Specialty teas” page of TFAR’s web site, where you’ll find the current offerings – perhaps one with a sprinkle of candy shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day will be there, or one with little candy flowers for spring, or little candy yellow ribbons in the Returning Heroes blend. And then, after fall comes ’round again, there will be more Christmas teas there.

TFAR describes their specialty teas like this:

Tea For All Reasons offers a wide selection of the freshest premium teas for the most sophisticated tea lover, as well as custom blends for special occasions.

The specialty teas they offer include custom blends for weddings, and teas for birthdays, children’s tea parties, and other special occasions that aren’t exactly holidays.

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Another one of Tea for All Reasons’ specialty blends featuring their signature candy bits. Check out the specialty…

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