Christmas Cookie from Compass Teas

Christmas Cookie from Compass TeasJust the name of this tea makes me smile!

This is a delicious blend of Black Tea, almonds and cinnamon.  I don’t know whether it actually reminds me of “Christmas Cookies” because Christmas Cookies to me means peanut butter blossoms – but, it definitely has a pleasant flavor that I’m really enjoying.

The black tea base is a smooth tasting tea with an mellow, even flavor.  I suspect it is a Ceylon although the description provided by the company does not specify.  It has a mild, somewhat drying astringency.  It is a pleasant base that doesn’t infringe upon the flavors.

The almond flavor is the most prominent taste here, and it is a sweet, nutty flavor.  The cinnamon accents the almond flavor well.  It is not a strong cinnamon presence, but, I feel that if it were stronger, it might overwhelm the more delicate notes of the almond and as it is, the balance is working quite well.

I am not getting a lot of “cookie” or pastry-type taste here, but I can appreciate the direction in which this tea takes.  An Assam tea might have been a good choice as a base here, or perhaps a blend with Assam, as it might have lent a more bake-y kind of taste and toothsome presence to the cup, but then again, the Assam’s aggressive nature might have overpowered the cup completely.  Overall, I’d say this is a very tasty tea.

Compass Teas describes this blend as

What Holiday is complete without the smell of baking cookies?  And now you can enjoy it any time without all the extra work (or extra calories!)

This tea has a autumn/winter-y kind of appeal with the toasty taste of the almonds and the warmth of the cinnamon, and because of that, it is a tea that I think is best when served hot.  For a tasty treat, try adding a little bit of brown sugar in place of your regular sweetener, as the molasses in the brown sugar gives this a more baked cookie kind of flavor.  A splash of milk and you have milk and cookies!

This year, I think I’ll leave a pot of this tea out for Santa instead of a plate of cookies!

Merry Christmas from the Tea Review Blog

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