Cinnamon Apple Chamomile from Stash Tea

Cinnamon Apple Chamomile from Stash TeaBefore Justin of Tastea Imports on eBay sent me this sample, I would have never thought I would see myself reviewing a Stash Tea on the Tea Review Blog.  Because it’s bagged tea. CHEAP bagged tea.  Cheaply made CHEAP bagged tea.  Okay before the company starts writing me nasty letters, let me say that this tisane was actually quite tasty.

I cut open the bag to use it as loose tea (as I always drink from my favorite travel mug), and it was a very finely chopped blend of herbs, almost a powder but not quite.  That’s really my only complaint about this particular tea is that I think Stash Tea in general would not only have a better reputation, but would have better tasting teas if they improved the quality of their ingredients (and used whole herbs/teas instead of ground).  Ground up bagged tea or herbs also tends to go stale very rapidly.

But yes, this Herbal Tisane was surprisingly delicious, even with the dreaded “hibiscus” in the ingredients (I am so not a fan of hibiscus).  It tasted like an sweet apple cinnamon tea, but you could also taste the apple-like flavor of the chamomile which gave it something special!

Stash Tea describes this tea as:

Spicy cinnamon and juicy apple perfectly complement each other in this tempting blend that brings hot apple pie to mind – all the taste with none of the calories! A touch of chamomile adds a soothing touch to this appealing, aromatic tea.

Ingredients:  {en:Cinnamon}, {en:Hibiscus}, {en:Chamomile} and apple flavor

The aroma of this tea is absolutely incredible – you can smell the apples, cinnamon and chamomile and they all smell so sweet and spicy!  This brew is actually quite smooth to drink and super-sweet however there is a hint of bitterness in the aftertaste, I think this is because of the hibiscus.  The apple flavoring is especially delicious, and easily the highlight of this brew.  A perfect blend of flavors indeed!

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LOL! There is nothin’ wrong with a bagged tea every now and then! It’s funny that you actually cut open your bagged tea, where as I prefer bagged tea and will often put loose tea in a self sealing tea bag to make it easier to drink.

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