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Cleopatra's Beauty Rooibos I find myself going to the {en:Rooibos} section in tea shops more and more. It’s become quite a favourite of mine. With this one, I saw the name and had to try it! To me, it sounded like a very pretty tea and one that would be enjoyable to drink.

The tea is very aromatic;  the smell of apple and honey is quite pleasant and relaxing. And the tea tastes as delicious as it smells! Apple and honey are the most prominent flavours, which is what I love about this tea. For me, the apple and honey gives the tea the perfect level of sweetness but if you like a sweeter tasting tea, I’m sure honey would be quite delicious in this tea. This has become one of my favourite Rooibos teas and it’s totally unlike any other Rooibos I’ve ever had. It is delicious!

Distinctly Tea describes this tea as:

Rooibos, with apple quince taste blended nettle leaves, apple bits, natural green apple-cinnamon flavouring and sunflower blossoms. Find out why ‘Cleo drank this tea. Can be enjoyed hot or iced. Suitable for children. 1 teaspoon per 8 oz. cup. Boil water and steep for 5 to 7 minutes.

While I find this tea absolutely delicious, I was expecting cinnamon to be a more prominent flavour. I think this could be easily fixed though by just adding a bit of cinnamon to the tea. I recommend steeping this tea for the full 7 minutes so the flavours can develop fully (I tried the tea after five minutes but found it was still too weak tasting). This is an excellent tea to have in the evenings, while enjoying a classic movie (like “Cleopatra”!) or while sitting out on the patio in the summertime. This is definitely a must-have tea for any Rooibos lover!

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I love tea but I admit that I know very little about it. Your site is wonderful … a “go to” site for all things “tea”.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

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