Cocoa Cardamom Seduction from Talbott Teas

cocoa cardamom seduction TalbottWhat this is, is spicy chai with cocoa and almonds added. For many of you, that’s saying it all; I don’t need to say any more than chai-cocoa-almonds and you are already headed over to Talbott’s web site. And indeed, this is exactly that, and responding to it with instant salivation and desire is exactly correct.

The tea is beautiful as dry leaves – big hunks of cardamom pods stand out. The aroma of the dry tea is a good guide to the aroma of the brewed tea, and when you brew up a cup, people will be wandering toward you from all over the house, their noses looking eager. (So you might as well brew a whole pot at once, since you’ll be asked to share.)

Talbott’s says about this tea:

Real chocolate draws your eye. The scent of exotic spices pulls you closer. By the time you taste this rich and complex Black Tea, you’ve already fallen in love.

All natural premium ingredients: Full-leaf black tea, cacao nibs, cinnamon, cardamom, almonds, natural chocolate, almond and cinnamon flavors.

The spices are high-quality and well-preserved. They have enough flavor for easily steeping the tea a second time. (I am sipping a second steeping of my latest cupful as I write this.)

I personally don’t use much sweetener in tea, but I think even those who do might want to taste this first before adding sweetener; the almond and chocolate add something of a natural sweet taste to it. Adding milk to chai is pretty popular, and if you add milk to your tea, you’d enjoy it in this one. Try some almond milk!

Talbott has two other black teas that feature chocolate, so you might want to consider the terrific bargain that is their Grand Luxe Tea Gift – three tins, your choice of flavors, plus accessories. Order it for yourself as well as for gifts – trust me, if you like chocolate and/or you like chai, you will want to treat yourself to this gift.

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You had me at “spicy chai with cocoa and almonds.”
*Drool* this tea sounds SO delicious!

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