Cocomint Green Tea from Adagio Teas

This is a very green-looking Green Tea, as one can tell right through the transparent (but UV-protected) lid of Adagio’s tin. The dry leaves smell somewhat grassy, with a hint of mint; the mint flavor doesn’t really come out till one brews it up, and then the chocolate flavor appears when one adds a little bit of sugar. The sugar also reduces the grassy note, so that the green tea is smoother and less pushy.

Because of the mint and chocolate, I don’t find that lemon or lime complements this tea, and in general, I don’t like milk in green teas at all, regardless of the fact that milk sometimes helps chocolate.

Adagio describes this tea as:

Like wine and cheese and burgers and fries, chocolate and mint is a famous partnership in the world of food, found in desserts and confections. We bring that popular flavor combination here, blended with green tea leaves to create a delicious, lip-smacking treat.

Where this tea really shines, though, is when one adds a bit more sugar and ices it. Mint and iced tea are also a famous partnership, and with the hint of chocolate and the extra sugar that most people add to iced tea, the flavor is exactly perfect. This is an iced tea to enjoy all summer.

Adagio sells this in sample tins that make about 10 cups, and in larger tins that are very economical per cup. The larger tins have the UV-resistant lid, which is hinged and buckled like some types of canning jars, so there’s no risk of misplacing the lid. Adagio can also be followed on Twitter – @adagioteas – so watch for their occasional discount coupon tweets!



This is my favorite dessert tea. I don’t like dessert tea where all you taste is the flavor (chocolate, caramel, etc), but this tea has a solid green tea flavor that is complimented by the chocolate and the peppermint. A very good ratio.


Should be called cocoamint or chocomint.

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