Coconut Cream Black Tea from Zen Tara Tea

Organic Coconut Cream from Zen Tara TeaThis is a very strong, robust Black Tea that is a hearty companion to the tropical coconut flavors.  The scent of this tea is tantalizing, reminding you of beaches and suntan lotion.  100% organic, this bold black tea is softened only by the creamy vanilla and sweet coconut.

Be careful, the robust qualities of the black tea give the tea a bit of an astringent character, so don’t overbrew this one as it can turn bitter very fast.  However, if brewed properly, it’s one incredible summertime treat which is terrific whether served hot or iced.

Zen Tara Tea describes this tea as:

Let this tea take you to your personal tropical beach with an island blend of coconut and vanilla accented black tea. This surprising organic blend of tropical coconut pieces, natural flavors and black tea from India adds a gourmet twist to your morning tea routine or as an exceptional summer iced tea. The aroma is intoxicating but not to worry, the taste isn’t overly sweet or flavored. Our Coconut Cream tea also makes a wonderful dessert tea after a meal.

INGREDIENTS: Organic coconut pieces, organic coconut and vanilla flavors, organic  Nilgiri black tea. Tea Origin: India.

The strength of the Nilgiri black tea is what makes it such a good candidate for being an iced tea, as you will still get a lot of black tea flavor, even over ice.  However you might lose a bit of the coconut flavor iced, because even when served hot, coconut is a very delicate, subtle flavor.  Their  very authentic coconut is blended with delicious warm creamy vanilla to make this tea especially tasty.   A must-try for coconut lovers!

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