Coconut Cream Green Tea from Teaopia

Coconut Cream Green TeaAnother delicious tea by Teaopia! A very nice looking tea, with {en:Sencha} Green Tea  and coconut slices mixed in with flakes of white chocolate and almond leaves. The scent of the tea leaves when brewed is absolutely mouth-watering; coconut is the most prominent scent, making this a great summertime tea! It actually reminds me of a piña colada. This is one of the most delicious teas I’ve ever smelled!

The taste is just as delicious as the smell! I thought at first that this tea would be overly sweet but it’s not! The coconut is absolutely delicious and is the most prominent flavour. The Sencha green tea makes this drink very smooth and refreshing! None of the flavours are overpowering and the coconut and green tea blend very well together! There is also a slightly creamy flavour to this tea, which adds to the overall taste.

Teaopia describes this tea as:

This flavoured tea is a blend of the classic Green {en:Sencha}, almond leaves, white chocolate flakes and coconut slices. The ingredients in this loose leaf tea make it both a pleasure to look at and to drink. The balanced combination of flavours is a treat for any coconut lover and is a perfect substitute for or accompaniment of dessert. This drink is perfect any time of day, hot or iced, for tea and fruit lovers.

This is definitely the perfect dessert tea and the perfect tea to drink during the summertime. Although I only tried this tea hot, I think it would make a very refreshing iced tea as well; it was so refreshing to drink as a hot tea, I’m sure it would be just as refreshing (if not more!), as an iced tea. I didn’t need to add any sort of sweetener to this tea and I think adding a sweetener may take away from the flavour of this tea. It is perfect as it is!

The first time I made this tea, I only added 1 teaspoon of tea to my cup. I found it wasn’t quite strong enough. The second cup I had, I brewed with 1.5 teaspoons and it was much better! This tea is good for two or three steeps. Four minutes is good for the first steep. I recommend trying it after three just to make sure it’s not getting too strong for you! For the second cup, steep for longer (I think I steeped for about six minutes). This is a tea that you may need to experiment with a bit to find the perfect amount to use and the perfect steep time. Once you find that out, though, this is an absolutely delicious tea and one that would probably be enjoyed most during the summertime!

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thats good. So it can be used from this also right? I am drinking green tea for last two years. Hmm good to know about its results.

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