Coconut Lemongrass from Design A Tea

Coconut Lemongrass from Design A TeaA classic combination with an Asian influence:  lemongrass and coconut!  And it is really delicious.

The taste is sweet and just a little tangy.  It feels (and tastes) smooth and creamy as it glides over the palate.  The lemongrass has a light citrus-y note that tastes a bit more like lime than lemon to me in this cup.  It also has a back note that is buttery – a note that melds very well with the slick coconut flavor.  That slickness does impart a slightly “oily” feeling on the palate in the finish – it is a very pleasant sensation and it does not overwhelm.

Because this is not a signature blend that can be found on Design A Tea‘s website, there is no description for this tea available.  So, instead, I’ll just include a little information about the company:

Design a Tea brings choice to the marketplace. The simple concept of offering choices is the number one difference between Design a Tea and other artisan tea blending companies. Who doesn’t like choices in life? The feeling of creating and personalizing a product you order. We want consumers that deal with us to know they are dealing with a caring company. Caring, in that we hand package each order, and we pride ourselves on customer service. It doesn’t stop there.

Design a Tea even cares about the environmental issues around us. We use recycled paper products, labels, even environmentally friendly inks. We make every attempt to purchase from Fair Trade teas from international growers and suppliers and use only organically grown teas and ingredients when possible with all natural flavorings!!

This would be an excellent tisane to serve with a meal (particularly Asian cuisine).  I prefer it hot because I find that the flavors are more vibrant when it is hot.  As it cools, some of the coconut flavor gets a little muted.  This has a natural sweetness to it, so taste it before you add any additional sweetener so you don’t overdo it!

As I already stated, this is not a blend that you’ll find on the Design A Tea website.  However, you can request it be blended for you.  Simply drop them an email and let them know that you’re interested in this blend.  Brian (Tea Designer Extraordinaire) is so nice, and he’ll help you get your hands on this blend so you can try it for yourself.  Or … perhaps, if you’re feeling adventurous, you might want to design your own blend!

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